Pretty Little Labels

Again – another creative local artist as the Sparta Farmer’s Market.  Ok, still haven’t actually bought food, but there’s always next week, right?  Anyway – I met Linda Brigham, co-owner of American Classical Antiques and a local jewelry maker.  Linda makes some lovely pieces from semi-precious stones and vintage labels & badges – with charming results.  She hunts for these pieces all year, and has the most success the 3 times a year she attends the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts.  Her pieces are whimsical & romantic.  One of my favorites is below:

This piece’s centerpiece is an antique notebook, encased in silver.  Interestingly enough, the old notes are still in the silver case.  As well, the necklace includes two encased vintage postage stamps and little stamp holder envelopes.  Victorians seemed to have a case for everything!

This piece includes rose quartz and a little gold wax sealer – something of utilitarian use back in the day, now a charming reminder of a days gone by.

Linda attends the Sparta Farmers Market every few weeks & is in the process of building a website for her jewelry pieces.  I couldn’t find her on Facebook, but her name is hyper-linked to her LinkedIn page – I’m sure she loved to hear from other like-minded collectors or her exhibit schedule.


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